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'Best in the West Rat Terriers'

Our pups are GUARANTEED PLL CLEAR (CBP) raised in our home like our own loved daily.Our adults are Registered health tested, want to know more about the breed visit the links at very bottom of our page to learn more about the versatile & varieties of coloring markings our Rat Terrier can come with.

Rat terriers, Standard Rat Terriers, Mini Rat Terriers, Toy Rat Terriers, Rat Terrier


Rat terriers, Standard Rat Terriers, Mini Rat Terriers, Toy Rat Terriers, Rat Terrier




Email us here or Call us @ 916-769-7816

Our dogs pedigree have been RTCA certified with AKC, UKC, CKC, &/or UKCI registrations.



Rat terriers, Standard Rat Terriers, Mini Rat Terriers, Toy Rat Terriers, Rat Terrier
Rat terriers, Standard Rat Terriers, Mini Rat Terriers, Toy Rat Terriers, Rat Terrier

Our Rattie family is on a smaller scale so our dogs as well as their pups are raised indoors & socialized as part of the family. We are dedicated dog owners/breeders have owned several different breeds over the years large & small. Staying true to all our fur-families providing you with 100% Breeders Support.

Our first Toy Rat Terrier purchased 2007 became our first love in many ways. From the beginning she did not perceive herself to be any smaller than our biggest Bloodhound. She had a keen alert brain quickly learned anything we taught her. We chose to promote this breed in the toy size because she was like no other small dog we had ever encountered. Sensitive, Confident, Affectionate, easily adaptable for city/country living; hunters, athletic, loyal, extremely intelligent for easy training & minimal grooming needs. A hardy dog endowed with the same traits of a larger Rat Terrier.      

Couples in our breeding program A &/or B body styles. Responsibly breeding the unique Merle pattern, Brindle & traditional in a variety of colors; black, blue,chocolate,pearl with Tan. Our possibilities of sizes range (4# to 14#) small toys up to large minis depending on breeding couple . These sizes are an ideal lap/family dog which makes them a wonderful forever companion with great dispositions. Our goals are to breed for good temperaments,strong bone structure to maintain hardiness in our toy lines. Providing you with a Happy & Healthy fur-ever pet, breeding for Quality not Quantity.

Our dogs pedigree have been RTCA certified with AKC, UKC, CKC, &/or UKCI registrations. We also have been DNA tested & through parentage are normal/clear for Primary Lens Luxation (PLL).Your pup is guaranteed free of this disease will come with proof of testing & Health Guarantee at time of purchase.

Pups are also UTD on worming/vaccinations, dew-clawed,docked tails,using a litter box, paper trained & sleeping in a crate.

You can also find us on Facebook under CaliRats Toy Rat Terriers, don't forget to LIKE US! Should we not have what you are looking for, contact us for our recommended Quality Toy Breeder Friends.

Feel free to email us with any questions you may have. Our phone is number available upon request. We would be happy to chat get to know one another & offer any assistance needed. Convenient PayPal option available.

Don't miss out on the joy of owning a  Toy Rat Terrier. Give us a call to get on our waiting list to reserve your forever pup today!


For more information and pricing please email us at Got Rat Terriers/Cali Rats
We look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Rat Terriers!  We hope you find what you are looking for, whether it's information or a new family member. If we don't have it, just ask, we will know someone that does.

We're a breeder that specialize in Standard, Small Standard and large Miniature Rat Terriers.

Our main focus is to breed Rat Terriers that are healthy and correct for their breed type & temperament.

We produce a wide range of colors... Black - Blue - Chocolate - Pearl in tri-color & bi-color!

Rat Terrier dogs are intelligent, playful, and make a loving pet for all ages! They're easy to train, their short sleek coats require little grooming, and they are a healthy, hardy breed with a long life span, making them the perfect pet for everyone!

We consider ourselves to be a small breeder, and it's our hobby. We provide ongoing support after you buy a puppy from us and we're always happy to talk about Rat Terriers! All puppies are born and raised in a clean disease and pest free environment! We plan our litters accordingly to ensure our puppies are well socialized!

All puppies tails are docked, dewclaws removed, they are wormed and vaccinated accordingly. We guarantee the health of our puppies, this is provided in our contract agreement.

Rat Terriers are a fabulous little dog: very intelligent, and playful, perfect companion dog.

Generations of Healthy Purebred Rat Terriers!

We utilize the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) to have our breeding dogs checked for hereditary health problems, particularly PLL.   We do this to reduce the risk of genetic issues in our offspring and while this is no guarantee that it will ever happen, we do our best to reduce the risks of it happening to the pups that we breed!

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If you would like more information about our dogs or just want to talk about Rat Terriers, please email us at Got Rat Terriers/Cali Rats.

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